Week 127 – Croatia and the Balkans

“We knew we were shortcutting Croaita – but we really just scratched surface visiting Dubrovnik and could have had several more days in the area. I really should watch Game of Thrones I guess – someone commented that we should visit the Lansiters – I initially though it was a family from Kentlands who lived on the hill with little kids and must have moved to Dubrovnik.

The old town is amazing as well as the coastline. We spent the day in the town exploring and got set just in time for Croatia V. Czech in Euro 2016 and literally you could hear the people cheering throughout the city – until Czech tied at it at the end. We drove south the next day to see the coast and find a beach – ended up in the next country Montenegro. We drove around a large bay surrounded by 5,000’ mountains with clear blue water and first stopped in the town of Kotor (which had a nice old town). Then to the coast – not much of a beach but a nice shoreline. Heading back towards Croatia we stopped in the town of Tivat – totally shocked. Apparently it is the new Med hot spot – I have been out of the loop on the preferred home for “super yachts” – the port rebuilt with first rate hotels and restaurants.

After Sharon left to London and the girls left to Vienna, I had a half-day and was going to drive to Mostar in Bosnia – it was about a two hour drive from Dubrovnik. I followed google maps north along the coast (which was beautiful) then turned inland – when I got to the border crossing, no line and very sketchy – the guard chases me down and says only for locals and directs me back to the coast highway and questions “why goto Mostar – no good, stay in Croatia much better”. I then entered Bosnia unexpectedly along the coast with a short line at the crossing – then I go back through another border crossing into Croatia again – kinda like driving through Delaware from MD to NJ, But I was on the right road to Mostar but when I get to the next border crossing, the line was very long and I would not be able to make it across and back before it was very late so I didn’t go through the crossing. So back to Dubrovnik where I met a friend from Korea for dinner who happen to be touring Croatia – I asked why so many Korean tourists in Croatia and he said there was a reality travel show in Korea filmed there and it was very popular, it is called “꽂보다 누나”

I am not a cruise person – but I think the best way to see the Croatian coast would be a cruise from Spilt to Tivat or Kotor.

The girls did great on their own after they went to Vienna and Prague – and very resourceful/lucky as they left cameras and passports behind on various airport transfers and recovered them all.

Pictures attached.”

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