At this time, travelling is not a business for me but a necessity for my current profession.  In my career I have worked on proposals and projects in over 30 countries and I have found that the working experience is just as rewarding as the tourist experiences.

In the first 25 years of my career, my assignments were based in the USA, Europe, the Middle East, and India and then in early 2014, I changed jobs and moved to Seoul South Korea.  When I took the assignment, people looked at it as a hardship but I saw it as an opportunity and I wanted people to see that experiences outside your comfort zone are good. So I started this blog in Facebook to communicate with family and friends with the primary purpose of explaining differences in culture between South Korea and Americans.  It ended up being more of a travel blog with some of the cultural “confusion” tossed in starting with Week 1 in January 2014 through a short vacation to Costa Rica in February 2020.   I am now back with my original company and based in Washington DC.

During the Great Shutdown of 2020, I added another series of posts for my travels prior to 2014 – relied heavily on internet searches to fill in a lot of holes and Creative Memories albums that Sharon had made.

Overall, I have been to over 50 countries and been lucky to have my family with me for much of this journey – both now and 20 years ago.

And a note on the Orange – I am a huge Oklahoma State fan and people love the Orange.


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