Week 458 – Marrakesh

For the logistics to work to fly to Fes, we split the Marrakesh portion of the trip and had two different experiences. On entry to Morocco, we spent just over a day in the suburbs near the airport staying at a Marriott resort property and then after returning 4 days later we stayed in the... Continue Reading →

Week 458 – Fes

We got an AirBNB in Fes – whether an AirBNB or a hotel, everything is called a “Riad”. Our AirBNB was great – we had the whole place to ourselves. Like everywhere in Fes – small footprint (less than 400 SF) with no indication on the outside what is inside and near vertical stairs over... Continue Reading →

Week 458 – Chefchaouen

After finally making it to Fes, we had an all-day tour to Chefchaoun. Started early and it was 4 hours there and 4 hours back, with about 3-4 hours in the town. A friend of my daughter’s (a pretty serious person – not an Instafamous type) had recommended going and glad that we did. Really... Continue Reading →

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