Week 387 – The Algarve

We had gone to the Algarve in winter 2017 (Week 161) and stayed in the old historical town of Lagos. This time, we stayed in two separate places as this part of the trip was less about touring and more about scouting out places we might like to live part-time in retirement (which is still... Continue Reading →

Week 387 – Porto

We had mixed views of Porto – I liked Lisbon better but acknowledge that the Praca da Riberia area by the Dom Luis bridge is the best site of both towns. Sharon and Annelise both liked Porto better. We didn’t have as much time in Porto as Lisbon either. We started our Port education in... Continue Reading →

Week 387 – Oceano Atlantico

After leaving Sintra, we headed to the coast – about 5 miles as the crow flies but a 30 minute drive down the mounting. Similar the California, a lot of microclimates – it was 95 degrees Lisbon, 85 degrees in Sintra village, and 75 degrees at the Palace at the top of the mountain –... Continue Reading →

Week 386 – Sintra

We picked up a rental car at the airport and headed out of Lisbon for a short drive to Sintra. I had been focused on the Pena National Palace and the village (which I thought was much closer to the Palace) but Annelise suggested a garden – the Gruta do Labirinto which ended up being... Continue Reading →

Week 386 & Week 485 – Lisbon

By not going to Germany, we ended up with 5 days in Lisbon. The translation of Lisbon to English is “like San Francisco but cheaper”. Very similar in that the hills are endless. A lot of time in one spot for us so after a recovery afternoon, we had a quick of the city in... Continue Reading →

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