Week 387 – Oceano Atlantico

After leaving Sintra, we headed to the coast – about 5 miles as the crow flies but a 30 minute drive down the mounting. Similar the California, a lot of microclimates – it was 95 degrees Lisbon, 85 degrees in Sintra village, and 75 degrees at the Palace at the top of the mountain – not a cloud in the sky. At the coast, it was 60 degrees foggy. We started at Cabo da Roca which is the westernmost point of continental Europe and drove to Nazare – stopping for dinner in Ericeira.

I was looking forward to using a body board on the 100 foot waves in Nazare…but the waves were only 10-15 feet on the north beach and no one was in the water. It was rough and the only people surfing or using a body board was on the south beach which was partially protected and in a limited area. Maybe 5 foot waves and packed with people. Also – the water was mid-60s and a little cold without a wet suit. So I rented a bike and rode up the coast a couple of hours to San Pedro de Moel on the “Estrada Atlantica” bike path while Sharon and Annelise relaxed in Nazare.

Pretty much the entire coast going north from Cabo da Roca to Figueira da Foz is a potential part-time retirement spot – the further north you go it is harder to get to Lisbon. You would have to have a car.


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