Week 387 – Porto

We had mixed views of Porto – I liked Lisbon better but acknowledge that the Praca da Riberia area by the Dom Luis bridge is the best site of both towns. Sharon and Annelise both liked Porto better. We didn’t have as much time in Porto as Lisbon either. We started our Port education in Lisbon – the short answer is that it is fortified wine developed by the English in the 1600s as they added brandy to keep the wine from going bad on a trip to England – and the English loved it. Except when pairing with a tart dark chocolate dessert, I wasn’t a fan.

We spent one day on a wine tour of the Douro Valley – pretty spectacular – I guess to grow wine you need dry sunny weather and hills so most wine growing regions are really scenic.

I got the traditional cod at a place – only bad meal I had. This particular cod is frozen and thinly sliced with a sour sauce. Not my favorite. We had Japanese one night which was excellent and tapas most other meals. Generally got a meal for $15/head, including wine.

All of Portugal is a huge drinking culture – but not a huge drunkenness culture. There were many people drinking in the streets but no obvious drunk people causing issues – maybe a correlation with the UK banned due to COVID and not a lot of USA visitors.


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