Week 436 – Tamarindo Beach

It was about a 120 miles drive from Arenal to Tamarindo Beach, took about 4 hrs with a short detour in the town in Liberia.  Not much to see there, but if you are only going to Tamarindo Beach you can fly there directly and save several hours driving.  Good beach town, more on the... Continue Reading →

Week 436 – Arenal

Didn’t do a lot of research on Arenal – just watched a youtube video on Costa Rica and decided to spend a couple of days in the mountains & rainforest to try something different.  Even picked out hotel from the video – it was a recommended place to visit because they had hot springs on... Continue Reading →

Week 309 – Panama City

I had done a similar trip with a one day layover on my own back in 2014, so when the option came up to have a one day layover from San Jose on Copa Airlines, we took it. To start, we had a rough departure from San Jose – upon arrival they advised we missed... Continue Reading →

Week 309 – Jaco

We weren’t on a timetable so we stopped in several places – one was Hermosa Beach which is renowned for its volcanic black sand beaches.  We parked and had miles of beach to ourselves – it was about 95 degrees and we walked out on the beach.  It was clear why we had the beach... Continue Reading →

Week 192 – Buenos Aires

The trip to Buenos Aires starts at the Brazilian – Argentinian border town of Puerto Iguazu where we caught the bus for the scheduled 17 hour trip to Buenos Aires.  A little perspective, Rio is located at the same relative location as Havana Cuba, Iguazu Falls at Fort Lauderdale. and Buenos Aires at Charlotte.  So... Continue Reading →

Week 192 – Igauzu Falls

After we got the passport situation squared away and properly checked into the “Iguazu Eco Hostel” things dramatically improved. One of the seven natural wonders of the world.  I am lucky that right after I booked the framework of the trip I saw a post on FB with a friend at Iguazu Falls.  So we... Continue Reading →

Week 191 – Buzios

Alexandra had the idea for Buzios from her friends – I had never heard of it.  We checked on getting a tour up but none fit our schedule so we decided to rent a car and drive.  We didn’t factor in “Brazil time” on the rental car pick up but we on the road by... Continue Reading →

Week 191 Rio

Very impressive and one of my favorite cities that I have ever been too.  We stayed at the intersection of the Ipanema and Copacabana beaches…they are actually located in the near suburbs of Rio as downtown is 30 minutes away.  A concern going in was street crime, we were probably overcautious but didn’t have any... Continue Reading →

Week 33 Chile and Panama

The highlight of the week was getting an email from Sharon that Annelise had been named one of the “Girls to Watch” for the area for the forthcoming volleyball season. I am happy that she got the recognition as she has worked hard over the last couple of years. This week I had a trip... Continue Reading →

Machu Picchu, Cusco, & Lima – 2012

Back in 2012, before moving to Korea, we had a family trip to Machu Picchu and Cusco. Very impressive but not an easy place to get to (maybe that is why no one knew about it from the Western world until mid-1800's).   The trip in 2012 entailed a flight to Lima, transfer and second flight to... Continue Reading →

St. Martin & Saba -1993

Sharon and I went to St. Martin for our honeymoon in 1993 - still our only time in the Caribbean a and one of only two times we did have done the resort vacation where we stayed in one place for a week. Pretty relaxing week, did the standard parasailing, jet ski, and hanging out... Continue Reading →

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