Week 191 – Buzios

Alexandra had the idea for Buzios from her friends – I had never heard of it.  We checked on getting a tour up but none fit our schedule so we decided to rent a car and drive.  We didn’t factor in “Brazil time” on the rental car pick up but we on the road by 10am.  Buzios is about a 3 hour drive from Rio and is a great side trip.  We started off when we got on the peninsula on a remote beach (Ferradura) and then went to one of the main beaches (Do Canto).


Very nice when we saw a sign for a water taxi to visit the other beaches and an eager captain that would give us the tour for $30.  His boat was basically a large bass boat with a center channel for drainage and we started off to the next beach with seven people in a protected cove – after we dropped off three when then when to the last beach on the island and around a point into the ocean (from Azeda to Joao Fernandes).  A near Naval Officer confirmed about 10 ft seas with the front of the boat burrowing into the next wave with the water draining out the back of the boat through the channel.  Only about 5 minutes but very exhilarating and the captain was loving it.  On the return the waves were behind us and it was a little smoother.  After that, most of the trip was in the protected coves….with one exception for the last leg of the trip.  We did do a safety pre-brief and untied my hiking boots had decided to swim the direction of the waves in the event when went overboard if the boat flipped but no issues.  The beaches were all different and we returned to the main area with a better idea of what to do next – but were completely soaked.

Water Taxi


Ferradura (with red sand)
Osses – not on map – near Do Canto
Do Canto near Buzios town

Once we saw the size of town and pedestrian restaurant areas, we decided to stay and booked a last minute AirBNB – the hosts were great and Alexandra’s high school Spanish was helpful in getting checked in (at least after we found it – AirBNB direct mapping took us to the wrong place).

Up early and on the road back to Rio and eventually to the airport for a very long day…


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