Weeks 103 -105 – Leaving Korea

Last update from Korea – completed my two years here and last day at work this Friday and flying out Saturday. Although work wasn’t as rewarding as I had hoped, it was an overall great experience as the Korean people were incredibly welcoming, both at work and in the community in general. It is amazing... Continue Reading →

Week 96-97 – Medical Exam

Spent last couple of weeks in Seoul – pretty much standard fare, except for my official annual medical exam at the Samsung Medical Center. Could write a book on it – but way more information that anyone would want. The examination is unlike anything you would get in the U.S., about 25 tests over a... Continue Reading →

Week 93 – Hiking at Seoraksan

Fall is by far the best season in Korea – mainly because the other 3 aren’t that great. Clear skies and crisp temperatures pretty much every day. Continued regular work schedule so was able to get on two hikes, one local and one at Seoraksan National Park (the Korean equivalent of Yosemite). Although the primary... Continue Reading →

Weeks 81-82 Hantan River Rafting

Originally I had a busy weekend planned, Friday night lecture with a North Korean defector, Saturday at a tomato festival, and Sunday a scenic raft trip. But had a business trip to Tokyo (at this point, similar to a trip to Chicago or Houston – just another conference room) and long days so by Friday... Continue Reading →

Weeks 76 and 77 – Busan

Just arrived back in the states and basically squeezing the traditional summer activities into a couple weeks, but with Fourth of July and summer swim team festivities it will be a good time. Our 14th and last season – lot of great memories and great families with which we shared them. Busan Still working Saturdays... Continue Reading →

Week 74-75 – Three Meetups and a Funeral

Still on extended work schedule – so Saturday evenings and Sundays only free time so using meetup to find last minute things to do as most of my co-workers are on business trips. I already posted on my two exciting meetups of the Noryangin Fish Market and batshit crazy basketball guy. Noryangin Fish Market To... Continue Reading →

Weeks 58-61 – Weekend Skiing

Been awhile since my last non-plagiarized updated in early February and I have had a change in work schedule – scheduled Saturday work and no work travel – so pretty fixed into a routine of an off day Sunday to go skiing or hiking so far in 2015. Been to 5 South Korean ski resorts... Continue Reading →

Week 56 – Oklahoma Vs. Mongolia

In a dinner a couple of weeks ago in Japan, I was explaining where Oklahoma was (generally, no one knows – so I say just above Texas) and one of the Japanese guys jumped in and said it was the “Mongolia of the U.S.”. Land-locked, harsh weather extremes, energy focused, and people like to ride... Continue Reading →

Week 48 and 49 – Holiday Season in Korea

Back in Korea and a “restart” to my original position. Arriving in early-December provided a chance to see how a majority non-Christian country (about 40% of Koreans are Christian) celebrated. Much less politically correct than the US- it is either Merry Christmas or Happy Merry Christmas. I was given a budget for “Christmas Presents” for... Continue Reading →

Week 39-42 Beaches on the East Coast

Can't have an update without an Annelise action shot. Great seeing her play some games while home. Except for a great week of vacation in the Kentlands, it has been awhile since I was actually doing anything other than working in either Mexico or Korea. Korean BBQ - had to share the experience with some... Continue Reading →

Week 38 – Pretty Mundane

Pretty mundane week – so have an older translation story that happened a while back. We were at a corporate event which had an opening safety/health topic with a German MC. Imagine a heavy German accent – “Today – we want to talk about your heath and getting vaccinated against the herpes. Herpes is something... Continue Reading →

Week 30 Amusement park in Seoul

Good week with Alexandra and Annelise visiting – I am proud that they were able to learn quickly the metro and get around town with little problem and visited the various tourist sites and they help around the apartment dealing with Korean maintenance workers fixing stuff. Additionally, we were able to do a couple of... Continue Reading →

Week 19 – Volunteer Day

Starting to make arrangements now that we have a plan in place. Now that that Sharon and Annelise won’t be moving over in the near term, decided on a permanent apartment in the same neighborhood and bought a better TV – it won’t be a bachelor pad, more of an offsite man cave. With the... Continue Reading →

Week 12 – 13 – DMZ

Last two weeks been pretty much work, eat, sleep (OK - eat was a couple of times a day). Got out twice -once to see a long-time friend and her family that I knew from my old company and once to the DMZ. There are 2 DMZ tours -we took the DMZ lite tour as the... Continue Reading →

Week 10 – The Food Issue

Just arrived back in DC...Annelise helping me with the commentary on the food pictures...Most Korean food is pretty good, but the best pictures I really couldn't take as not to offend someone to take a picture of something they were eating I couldn't believe. I pretty much eat out every meal and there are more... Continue Reading →

Week 9 – Getting around Seoul

Last weekend didn’t have much planned and it was a bit cold for the bike, so I just worked, caught up on administrative stuff, watched OSU give away the Iowa State game because of the coach, and hopped on the subway and headed around town. I posted a lot of pictures, some of which go... Continue Reading →

Week 8 – Transportation

This is the first week that I have been here and settled in – nice to be in one spot for a week. Next two weeks are pretty low key too, so I’ll be able to get into a routine. The update this week is focused on translation and transportation. And I received a nice gift... Continue Reading →

Week 3 Settling In

"Week Three Update – Most of this week was travelling in Mexico and back through DC and it was good to get home for a bit. I have another week on the east coast as I have some stuff to wrap up here so probably won't have an update next week. Mexico was a bit... Continue Reading →

Week 1 – Moving to Seoul

As many of you know, I recently changed jobs and relocated to Seoul, South Korea. Sharon and Annelise may follow in the summer before the new school year. Someone suggested a blog, but that is above my skill set so instead of a blog, I am going to post an update about once a week.... Continue Reading →

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