Week 2 – Getting started with a mountain hike

A lot happened the first week, more than I could include in an update so I will pace myself. So this week focus is on a teambuilding hike for the management team to celebrate the new year (Chinese New Year is coming up next week) and wish for “Safety for our workers and good finances”. I have included some pictures that describe the event….really was a great teambuilding event followed by a lunch. It started off good as we met at the office for breakfast at 6am. I sat down with a group of people that I didn’t know but I was sporting an OSU sweatshirt and the gentleman across from me said “how come you lose to Sooners? Makes no sense, OSU beats Texas, Texas beats OU, OSU plays OU and loses?”. I said it can’t be explained. Turns out he went to graduate school at Texas.

After 4 hrs up and down, we were taken to lunch where the people gave toasts (I had to give the second toast as a new person in front of 200 people) and people more gave toasts and gave even more toasts where you had to drink rice wine (Korean sake) from a bowl. A lot of merriment and hugging followed and I could see a lot of pride and camaraderie with the company and the country, followed by naps on the bus ride home.

Last night I arrived in Mexico to visit a project for a week, but one advantage of the change is at the layover at LAX I got to see Alexandra. After Mexico, swinging by DC on the way back to watch and gamble on the Super Bowl with Annelise and Sharon (ok…maybe Sharon isn’t involved in the gambling) and a couple of 50th Bday parties. Glad I am not that old.


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