Week 240 – Cape Point

Getting to Cape Point a little confusing – first there is end the peninsula south of Cape Town that has the mountains running along the ocean (which Table Mountain in Cape Town is the first in the series), second there is the place “where the oceans meet” at Cape of Good Hope, third – it... Continue Reading →

Week 240 – Cape Town

Arrived in Cape Town - Best 28 hour trip in economy ever - Emirates is excellent. Somehow no jet lag for either of us. While we were there with the various people we met and in preparing for the trip we learned a lot about the history / politics / race/ colonialism - it’s complicated and... Continue Reading →

Week 240 – South Africa Trip Planning

We picked South Africa for our 25th Anniversary Trip/present because it had a lot of different things to see (coast, wine country, wildlife, different cultures). We originally were planning our trip in early 2018 we had planned to go around the time of our anniversary in June, but when I contacted a friend from there, they... Continue Reading →

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