Week 234 – Summer in Canada

I have never understood people talking about spending summer Maine, Minnesota, Northern Michigan, and other places I have stereotyped as “not mountains/not beach/not hot”. I get it now – it is basically a warmer version of fall, clear skies, low humidity, and if you are near water, generally spectacular. Spent a lot of time in... Continue Reading →

Week 225 – Montreal

Second visit to Montreal this year and a little different when it isn’t 10 degrees and we have a local guiding us through their hometown.   As usual, most of the time is working but our hosts attempted a  “Tour De Food” night which was cut short because we were way too old to hit that... Continue Reading →

Week 221 – Calgary and Banff

Since last update, I have spent a lot of time in Ottawa and Toronto but this was my first trip to Calgary and the Canadian Rockies or as the locals call them “the Rockies”.  My time in Calgary was work-focused and meetings, so I didn’t see much of city outside the downtown core but it... Continue Reading →

Week 196-210 – Canada

Been awhile since my last update – although I contemplated retiring and trading cryptocurrencies (which wouldn’t have been the worst move) I returned to my roots at my original company.  I am working in a different industry sector so there are some differences.  Right now, my focus is on projects in Canada and I have... Continue Reading →

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