Week 196-210 – Canada

Been awhile since my last update – although I contemplated retiring and trading cryptocurrencies (which wouldn’t have been the worst move) I returned to my roots at my original company.  I am working in a different industry sector so there are some differences.  Right now, my focus is on projects in Canada and I have made several trips to Toronto and Ottawa in the last couple of months.   I’ll do a separate update of Toronto later.

Most of my trips have been to Ottawa and mostly in/out for 2-3 days and not a lot of time to see the city.    I have got to spend some quality time with Canada immigration – “why should we let you in?  Your President wants to get rid of NAFTA.”  Pretty much everyone gets the treatment – but now that I have a work visa as a skilled migrant short-term  worker it should go smoother.

But I did accidentally schedule some meetings on a holiday Monday so I decided to take Sharon and make a weekend of it.   It’s cold – like every part of the day requires some thought about having proper hats/gloves, where to park, and strategically order an Uber where you can stand inside while waiting.  Didn’t get above zero degrees while we were there.   One of the attractions is skating on a canal – but 30 seconds entering the after leaving the enclosed/heated parking garage Sharon lost interest (I never had interest – just another way to break something).   We explored as much as we could inside on Saturday.

On a Sunday, we took a day trip over to Montreal.  It was cold but worked out good and we saw much of old Montreal (street skating between churches, museums, and coffee shops).   The primary attraction was the Cathedral of Notre Dame – the outside similar to European churches but the inside much different.

Will definitely need to revisit Montreal when it is warmer.

Finished up our trip with a tour of Parliament back in Ottawa – had a good guide and found out that the Senate positions there are basically for life.


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