Week 508 – Baden

Although Baden was originally famous as a spa town, for the last 130 years it has been one of about 10 company towns globally that is the foundation of the electricity development and manufacturing.  In the US, Schenectady, NY is very similar (home of General Electric).   The original companies have broken apart into three different... Continue Reading →

Week 507 – Zurich

I had a work trip to visit some partners in Europe and had some time in Baden Switzerland and Erlangen Germany and I flew into Zurich on a Sunday morning.  I booked a “land/sea/air” tour – I didn’t realize that the land was about 10 miles of walking.  I had been in London the prior... Continue Reading →

Paris and Zurich -1992

The first of our first international trips for Sharon and I, back in 1992.  The original concept was to fly into Paris and out of Rome 17 days later and not worry about any arrangements in between.  Sharon had high school French, which was a little helpful.  I was between assignments and had already spent... Continue Reading →

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