Week 481 – Baden

Although Baden was originally famous as a spa town, for the last 130 years it has been one of about 10 company towns globally that is the foundation of the electricity development and manufacturing.  In the US, Schenectady, NY is very similar (home of General Electric).   The original companies have broken apart into three different firms (ABB, GE, and Ansaldo) which are all co-mingled in the old part of town.   We were busy all week with meetings, and the rain continued, but I did get out for a long walk when the sun appeared and hit all the major sites – it is a small town but very picturesque.

My co-worker was a big Leeds fan (English soccer team) and he knew some other Leeds fans and we found an Irish/English pub to watch a big game for Leeds – unfortunately they lost badly.  And they stopped serving food at 8pm – so I had to go down the street to McDonalds – country number 31.


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