Week 269 – Bergen to Hemsdel

Fifth Segment – Bergen to Hemsdel via Hardanger Scenic Route on Hardangerfjord and eventually Flam. The road to Flam pretty unbelievable – similar to Yosemite Valley. Near Tysse — in Frøland, Hordaland, Norway. Another near Tysse — in Frøland, Hordaland, Norway. Steinsdalsfossen - famous because you can walk behind it Steinsdalsfossen - famous because you can walk behind it... Continue Reading →

Week 269 – Bergen

Bergen is the second largest city in Norway. We got there relatively early in the day and visited the historic parts of the city. Similar to Oslo, Bergen is filled with world class museum’s – we did visit the primary attraction Bryggen which was an outdoor replicate of the port from the 1600s – where we... Continue Reading →

Week 269 – Odda to Bergen

Fourth segment – Odda to Bergen via Voss – crossing Hardangerfjord – widest fjord in Norway. A lot to see in this segment - but we didn't take many pictures. Long tunnels under the mountains - intersecting other tunnels with traffic circles

Week 269 – Stavanger to Odda

Third segment – Stranvger to Odda. Two major waterfalls which were on the top ten of Norway and about 10 other waterfalls that were pretty impressive. Langfossen - over 2,000 ft high but you can't see the top without a long hike  Side road — in Rullestad, Hordaland, Norway. Latefossen — in Skare, Norway. Latefossen - 1/4 mile from... Continue Reading →

Week 269 – Stavanger – 17th of May

The 17th of May celebrates Norwegian Constitution Day or Syttende Mai. Starts as wholesome day with children in parades and everyone dressed formally but the day ends like Preakness midfield. Women of all ages wore the traditional wear and Sharon spoke with a lady who spent $6,000 on her dress while another wore a family... Continue Reading →

Week 269 – Jorpeland to Erfjord

Second segment - Jorpeland to Erfjord and back in the afternoon then to Stavanger the next day. Here we were on the Ryfylke scenic route We did a out of the way loop early in the trip - great scenery but given all the driving we would do in the subsequent days, we saw similar... Continue Reading →

Week 269 – Pulpit Rock

We originally planned two long hikes – Pulpit Rock (Preikestolen in Norwegian) and Trolltunga. Trolltunga has become more famous in recent years as social media has increased. Pulpit rock was advertised as a 6 hr round trip while Trolltunga was 10-12 hours (which I assumed we would do faster). Pulpit Rock Starting elevation - 370mTop -... Continue Reading →

Week 269 – Oslo

Since we have people coming from different directions, we met at my office near Dulles and Ubered from there – once at the airport we got off to a bad start. Unexpectedly long line as Icelandic Air was changing planes (757 to 737) which caused issues as they required everyone to go to the counter... Continue Reading →

Week 269 – Norway Trip Planning

Since Alexandra and I went to Brazil shortly after her graduation (not a graduation trip, a lack of employment trip), Annelise decided she wanted a trip for graduation too. Her first choice was for her and Sharon to go to Morocco – then Alexandra and I glommed on and after some beheadings in Morocco and... Continue Reading →

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