Week 269 – Scenic Drive – Oslo to Jorpeland

First segment – Oslo to Jorpeland along the southern coast and then straight north. About 8 hrs total and this was our travel day. 

The beauty of Norway is that the whole country is a national park. There is no one single place that is a “10” like the Grand Canyon, but there are endless 8’s and 9’s…..places that don’t even show up on a map. We ended up driving almost 2,000 km…at first we stopped at got out, then we stopped and took a picture, then we just slowed down to take a picture, after in the end just stopped taking pictures. You do get spoiled quickly.
A lot of pictures so I put them into separate posts into segments so that if you ever go to Norway, gives you an idea of where to go in the south.

Key points on this segment were Arendel and Kristiansand.

Another feature is that in Norway they do have 18 official scenic routes….not the easiest to plot out. We ended going on 2. Once you are on them, there are little brown signs but otherwise no clues.

Arendalfirst stop
Coming right out of a tunnel we had this view just after we left Kristiansand — in Flekkefjord, Norway.
Ferry across Hogsfjorden — in Høle.
Sheep everywhere
Ferry across Hogsfjorden — in Høle.
Ferry across Hogsfjorden — in Høle.
The road to Hole
Just after ferry – this is the Lysefjord that Pulpit Rock overlooks – just before confluence with Hogsfjord — in Rettedal, Rogaland, Norway.
Lysefjord towards Pulpit Rock — in Eiane, Rogaland, Norway.


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