Week 139 – Mexico City

Been awhile since I travelled outside the USA (although weekly I have gone somewhere domestically and posted a few pictures). Had a business trip to Mexico City and was able to bring Sharon along for the long Labor Day weekend, work for a week, and then and flew directly to Atlanta/Athens to see Annelise. I... Continue Reading →

Weeks 46 – 47 – Leaving Mexico

Leaving Mexico today and heading back to Korea – most likely my last trip to Mexico for awhile as we finished one project, hit some key milestones on another, and were able to consolidate the teams on the third project so that I could return to my real job. Mixed feelings leaving as I really... Continue Reading →

Week 43 – 45 San Miguel and Bernal

Been in Mexico the last three weeks and since late-October been working or traveling about every day….but the two days off, Saturday night out with some friends, and afternoon checking out a local site was awesome. The two days off were great, Sharon came down and we spent most of the time in San Miguel and when... Continue Reading →

Week 27 – San Miguel Mexico

Arrived back in Seoul after my two week trip that turned into 2 months….but got more time home than planned so it was worth it. Best of all, when I got back to the airport I was able to find my car and it started….trying to call “AAA” in Korea would have been a challenge.... Continue Reading →

Week 21-24 Queretaro Mexico

For the last 4 weeks I on business trips in the US and Mexico and home weekends – not much different that my prior job. A couple of travel stats – 1 lost company credit card, 1 point for England in the World Cup, several lost receipts (no mercy on reimbursement), 1 lost fitbit charger, 2... Continue Reading →

Week 20 – Baseball

Late change in travel plans – so I was off to the U.S. quicker than expected so this weeks update is on baseball in Korea. I was suppose to see Paul McCartney this week but he was ill and has to cancel – that would have created some conflict having to miss that at the last... Continue Reading →

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