Week 31 – 32 Mexican-Korean Food Vortex

Spent last most of the last three weeks in San Luis de Paz/San Miguel with a trip home to move in between. The move went exceedingly well (facebook code for “it was hell”) but we are now downsized.

Main cultural issue this time was a continuation of the “Mexican-Korean Food Vortex” – I rarely had Mexican (with 3 meals a day of Korean at site or at guest house – more food options in Korea) but when I did have Mexican it usually was street food so ended up with a bit of a stomach issue. So when I got to the canteen at 6:30am the smell of the rice, seaweed, kimchi, red Korean chili paste, and the cephalopod selection of the day, I wasn’t too hungry – but luckily one of the staff got the kitchen to order me peanut butter, jelly, and bread and that was a big help. One evening at dinner I asked what something was that was orange with the consistency of grits – some answers at my table “don’t know”, “better not to ask”, and “put sauce on it”. The team leader then asked everyone (about 25 people) what in was – answer – “fish – watch for bones”. I then seeked out the PB&J.

But the real game changer was finding “Pollo Feliz” – walking distance to house and it was awesome. Similar to El Pollo Loco but better. But the “Mexican-Korean Food Vortex” is now a proven diet as I am at my lowest weight in years.

Apparently not related to the chain operated by Gus Fring but worked for me

My roommates were very good hosts. l learned a lot about Womens golf as we had the Slingbox working from Korea (and mine from the US isn’t hooked up yet) and multiple channels are devoted to the KLPGA. Although they are older than me, they have unbelievable energy, we are out the door at 5:30am….back between 8-9pm, a little tequila and soju, 5 days a week. Home by 2pm Saturday and they play 18 holes of golf then out for big dinner. Sunday is 36 holes of golf (no cart) and cook big dinner as a group (Korean BBQ style – very good). They say they can play one month of golf here in San Miguel for the cost of one round in South Korea. 

View of our housing area

Since I don’t golf, I found a mountain bike tour on the day off. More of a tour than hard core exercise, it was good to get out to exercise after working/moving/traveling for about a month straight. After 20 miles in rolling hills at 6,000 feet and some stops at historic sites, a nice surprise to finish the ride as we went to a hot spring spa – $10. Need to get one of those at Riley’s Lock.

Nice view of San Miguel from the top of the valley (from google)


Now on bus to Mexico City and looking forward to a meal with forks. BTW – bus in Mexico is nice, full reclining seat, internet, and on time.


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