Week 30 Amusement park in Seoul

Good week with Alexandra and Annelise visiting – I am proud that they were able to learn quickly the metro and get around town with little problem and visited the various tourist sites and they help around the apartment dealing with Korean maintenance workers fixing stuff. Additionally, we were able to do a couple of traditional Korean activities – Theme park, bowling, and baseball.

Theme park – We went to Everland (full disclosure – owned by Samsung) – the best all-around park I have been too – like Epcot with various country sections (but nicer) with good roller coasters and a great zoo/safari park. And another thing typical in Korea – the entrance fee to get in similar to a U.S. theme park, but once inside, food prices were the same as in restaurants outside the park. The “European” section of the park was very nice while the “American” section of the park portrayed the town of “Rocksville, USA” and was stuck in the 1950’s and focus on eating burgers.

Everland – read the various warning signs

Great safari park – saw a Liger which was a great surprise

Bowling – have a bowling alley in the basement of my apartment – better than I thought it would be.  I do not want to meet the person that needs this warning in the bowling alley – no jumping and overhand throwing of a 12 lb bowling ball allowed

Baseball – went with a large group – another tight game of 16-12 with 40 hits and about 5 errors. Makes for a lot of cheering – this time the cheerleaders were there (both the lady-type and the one crazy guy) and it was non-stop for three hours. Noticed that the cheering melodies were mostly old US songs (themes from Green Acres, Addams Family, plus Surfing USA, and Smooth by Santana).

View outside baseball stadium Gangham to the mountains in the north over the the Olympic stadium (from 1988).

It was good spending quality time with girls but now off different directions – Annelise was a trooper and left Seoul 9:30pm Friday night east coast time and flew all night and still made her work shift Saturday night.

Off the trail on a hike on Mr. Bukashan


A weather note – I was told that the weather in Seoul was terrible in July – it was – rainy and 95 degrees and 100% humidity for pretty much the entire time they visited. But the last day the weather broke and it was perfect and apparently Fall has begun.


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