Week 481 – Barnes

I connected back through London and I had a couple of hours to kill on a Friday night below my flight back to the USA and decided to go to Barnes where we lived from 1999-2002. It was like travelling back in time - not much had changed. My last trip through was in 2017.... Continue Reading →

Week 184 – Leaving England

A little late on posting, but left UK at end of July and back in the USA as I have completed my assignment. A much different experience than when we moved to London in 1999 – this was more like an extended visit whereas before we were all in when we took babies and 26... Continue Reading →

Week 181 – U2 at Twickenham

About six months ago I was looking at my email and I had an “pre-sale” announcement from the U2 fan club – summer tour and coming to a stadium about a mile from where I was staying. And Noel Gallagher was opening – so 2 of my 3 favorite bands in one spot. So bought... Continue Reading →

Week 180 – The English Rivera

The story of this week starts with the end of my last trip back to the USA – after a great time in LA for Alex graduation I got ”stuck” back in Maryland waiting for my work visa. Happy to be stuck for a few extra days and actually scheduled time out with old friends... Continue Reading →

Week 172 – Saxons Vs. Vikings

Another UK bank holiday so Sharon came over for a quick weekend (remember the flight from the east coast is only 1.5 hours longer than going from DC to LA) and we didn’t really have any plans. The weather didn’t cooperate much either- light rain and in the 50’s. But as always just wandering around... Continue Reading →

Week 162-165 – Move to Richmond

Moved into an apartment in Richmond for a month which worked out great for weekends and when Sharon and Annelise come over, but during most weeks it is just a longer commute as I get home late so I don't take advantage of the dining options. In the short term back to hotel as I... Continue Reading →

Week 155-156 – Hiking in Kent

Another very busy two workweeks - both professionally and personally (and not fun personally). Had one day off and found a great meetup group with professionally guided hikes. I was out to dinner at local pub when the owner asked me to speak some ladies regarding Trump. Very nice grandmothers who have their book club... Continue Reading →

Week 150 – 153 – Settling In

I have gone from an “adviser” to a full time role – the best way to quantify the change is my daily step count was 8,500 steps/day – and after 19 days straight working my step count was 2,500 steps/day. Ironically my energy level higher – so work stress can be good. Had some personal... Continue Reading →

Week 149-England Vs. Scotland

From National Gallery - looking over Trafalgar Square towards Big Ben. No more pigeons!! A more social week than I was planning – friends from Korea in town for a night, then a second night,a big soccer game, and Sharon visiting for the weekend. And the US election which generated a lot of conversation which... Continue Reading →

Week 119 – Wales and Devon

Back to the UK this week – took care of some medical issues and getting settled with several trips within the USA. Most of the week was with my colleagues in a conference room – of course US politics came up and luckily I could counter our situation with Brexit (Britain leaving the EU). Professionally,... Continue Reading →

Week 95 – London

This trip was planned awhile back – Both luck and planning were needed. I was looking for tickets to see U2 as my birthday present to myself when they announced their tour and when I found they were in London near my birthday I decided to go. But the shows were already sold out and... Continue Reading →

Week 87-89 Barnes

Barnes Pond Continued long work hours to complete a couple of proposals – all done then off to Atlanta to see Sharon and Annelise for Parents Weekend . But flew east via London (don’t ask why) and had a long layover. First long haul trip on 787 – supposedly oxygen content higher and pressurization different... Continue Reading →

London – 1999 – 2002

I got the notice that I received an assignment in London in early August 1999  - I went over a week later and came back in mid-October to finish the move and on Annelise’s second birthday on October 20, we loaded our 27 carry on pieces on to a plane to London.   We needed 27... Continue Reading →

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