Week 162-165 – Move to Richmond

Moved into an apartment in Richmond for a month which worked out great for weekends and when Sharon and Annelise come over, but during most weeks it is just a longer commute as I get home late so I don’t take advantage of the dining options. In the short term back to hotel as I am travelling a lot over next 6 weeks and in April to July secured weekends in Richmond and weekdays near jobsite. So if coming to London, let me know and I will get an AirBNB for an entire week.

Richmond is a great place…just need superb parking skillz.

Been lucky to have friends coming through London pretty much every weekend and settling to a routine. Been to a great tribute band show, six nations rugby game, several hikes, and some good dinners with friends from the past to catch up. And going to a stag party next week (it still called that here – along with “hen” parties) and meeting a friend to watch the Boys in the NCAAs.

Sights around Richmond

Pre game for Six nations
Post Game Six Nations
Hiking Dangers
Old Farmhouse on a hike
My street at first long term rental
Local pub
Sign in pub by work
Serious evening ahead

Although much closer to the USA culture than Korea is and they can almost speak my language, still some differences at work which frustrates me and I know frustrates my co-workers with me. Generally the frustration involves patience (or lack of it) and dealing with 3rd parties.

Sharon and Annelise came over as this was technically spring break vacation (only worked about 3 days at office/site) and the original plan was for us all to go to Edinburgh for a couple of days. Annelise has a friend there and that was the lure to get her to spend her spring break with mom / dad instead of on a beach in Florida. But the plan changed several times for work and Annelise went to Edinburgh alone while Sharon & I went to Dublin (found cheapest place on short notice). Somehow she ended up at an Oasis tribute band in Edinburgh while I ran into one of her friends in Dublin.

Hit all of the tourist spots that Annelise had been to but doesn’t remember; Big Ben, Parliament, Westminster Abbey. Tower of London, Portobello Road and Piccadilly Circus as well as Richmond and Barnes and did a recce on her summer school. She is very excited about going “abroad” to school with dad a 45 minute tube ride away…the closest I have ever lived to one of the kids in college.

Touring in London (and a rouge pic from Dublin)

Tower of London
Westminster Abbey
Photo spot bombed a mth later
Near Annelise dorm
Portabello Market

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