Week 166 – Vienna and Rugby Pub Crawl

Had a quick trip to Vienna for work and similar to last trip in January, I went straight to hotel/office (same building) with no need to ever go outside. I did manage to leave work about 8pm and take a town into the old city and walked around. Not really a true visit and on my next trip will try to organize around a weekend – but I have little control in that regard. Sharon and I went about 20 years ago and the old city really hasn’t changed a lot since then (or in past 100 years).

Finally getting some media attention for my FB page >>>>

First Vienna meal
Elevator to conference room

A friend from college come through town on business – so it was good to have a comrade to watch The Oklahoma State Cowboys in the tourney. After the loss, decided to show him and his co-worker around the Richmond area on Saturday via a pub crawl during the England – Ireland game, But our evening was disrupted by FBU quitting (some will understand). It was good therapy to complain in person with someone else for another disappointment. Even meeting some people from Burnage who went to school with Oasis didn’t lighten the mood – one lady claimed to have “dated one of the Gallagher brothers, just not one that was in the band – the unemployed one still living in the council estate”.

Have to try this next time in the city
My friend took this picture in Richmond – my AirBNB on weekends just on the other side of the river behind the big tree
With Spring – days in the UK now longer than USA. Gardens open at Pub even at 50 degrees
When OSU was winning and FBU was still the coach – all was good. Mullet coming in nicely.

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