Week 167 – 168 London and Barcelona

“Alexandra had a long spring break because of her class schedule this semester and she squeezed her “semester abroad” into 2 weeks with her friend Ariel – I was able to catch up with her on the way over through London and met her in Barcelona on her 2nd to last stop. After a long flight from LA, instead of a nap they wanted to go to Stonehenge so off we went. It was the coldest day of the year so far. We then came back through Barnes and made the old neighborhood/house visit and then to central London. On Monday we went into London and hit the tourist spots before dropping her on at Stansted Airport – cheap flights but about halfway to Scotland. While she enjoyed Portugal and Spain, I worked the next 10 days then met her in Spain.

In Barcelona, the weather was cooler than the UK and we only got a few sunny spells. I don’t think I cramped their style too much as I was happy to head to the hotel at 10pm while they went out. We tried to balance our “budget” priorities as they were trying to get by on $3/meal whereas I was in the $5/meal range (but I was more likely to deviate whenever I felt like it). I did “make” them have some Sangria on Las Ramblas in Barcalona…$20/pitcher and they had been paying about 10% of that in the small Spanish towns…but it is Las Ramblas and worth it. I do have to say Barcelona is one of my favorite cities. Pictures attached – including some before/after.

With regard to the terrorist attack – we were both safely outside of London when it happened – but were in the very spot where the car went on the sidewalk about 48 hours before the attack. That is the “photo spot”. So always have to be on guard wherever you are….”

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