Week 170 – Toledo and Madrid

I didn’t realize that the UK had both Good Friday and Easter Monday as official holidays until after I had booked prior week back to USA (and doctors appts and other stuff). So I thought I ended up with an 4 day weekend and planned to meet a friend who was living in Madrid and drive over to Lisbon. That was Plan A – ended up with Plan E as we both had work commitments and it was a quick 2 days trip to Madrid and Toledo. Lodging ended up being a bit dodgy as one of my AirBNB nights the person completely dropped the ball and I had to rebook at a hotel late Saturday night – claims he had a friend who was supposed to handle everything but didn’t. That was a first for me – Airbnb has been great. It was also nice to get travel tips from my kids – that was great too.

As I was getting on the train, I saw a FB post from some friends travelling nearby so was able to meet up with them late back in Madrid after I dealt with the Airbnb debacle. They were just finishing a week with a bunch of 8th graders on a school trip…pretty exhausted group.

Met up with my friend (from Bechtel and Samsung) Sunday and he was the tour guide and we hit all the highlights of Madrid walking from plaza to plaza. Spectacular weather again and we were that surprised we were able to see the Royal Palace on Easter. Walked about 20 miles over the weekend and back to rainy England first thing Monday.”

Meeting up with friends

Met up with David and Dohi
My new friend Pako – he was a good AirBNB host on Friday. Mrs Pako not as friendly and made sure I was out by 10am.
Andy and I had a really good steakhouse….it was sit at the bar or wait an hour
Smallest seat ever

Sights in Madrid

Cathedral from inside the Royal Palace
Present from Egypt – Note how the water slopes
Plaza Mayor
Royal Palace
Had about a 2 mile walk up Paseo de Prado to get back to hotel.
Vertical Garden
Palace from across the park


Saturday I spent most of the day in Toledo – short train ride outside of town. Very nice and a beautiful day – a strategic city on a hill with a river surrounding on 3 sides. Much of the architecture of the city dates to the time when the Moops occupied Spain and the Moopish influences still exists today. Historians still debate whether it is the Moops or the Moors but the card says Moops.

The Alcazar – probably Moopish
One of several arched bridges into the city

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