Week 172 – Saxons Vs. Vikings

“Another UK bank holiday so Sharon came over for a quick weekend (remember the flight from the east coast is only 1.5 hours longer than going from DC to LA) and we didn’t really have any plans. The weather didn’t cooperate much either- light rain and in the 50’s. But as always just wandering around the UK is rewarding as you run into something and we were staying in a good location in Hammersmith/Brooke Green. On Saturday, we were walking from Portobello Road to Little Venice and were met with a boat parade and festival. Saturday night the sun came out (stays light until 9pm) so we hit a pub and restaurant on the river in our old neighborhood in Barnes. Then saw that a Rolling Stones tribute band was playing nearby in Putney. We show up with no ticket, cash only for tickets, no cash or ability to get cash (ATM card was frozen), and it was sold out. So leaves three options for sneaking in, a) someone inside to open fire door, b) jump the fence, or c) act like you know what you are doing. Option C almost worked but in getting caught they felt sorry for us and we eventually made it in – but in my old age it took two songs to make it in. Odd for tribute band – they played the hits (and were very good) and also their personal lesser-known favorites…so ever 3rd song no one had heard.

Sunday we were heading to the coast for some hiking and on the way was a castle – Corfe Castle and we stopped for a quick tour (through the ruins – 1,000 hrs old) and since it was May Bank Holiday it must be time for Vikings Vs. Saxons battle re-enactment. Both sides were fervent hobbyists and played the parts – Vikings still lost. Eventually we made it to the cliffs – cut the hike short because of the wind and light rain. Even had to dig the orange sweatshirt out of the trunk because of the weather. Monday was trip to Hyde Park and we when into Kensington Palace to see the Diana dresses…so points for me.”

From Week 172 – Saxons Vs Vikings. Posted by JC Travels on 5/06/2017 (17 items)

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