Week 161 – Lagos and Western Algarve

First trip to Portugal…..Algarve in particular. Algarge is a state on the southern coast and has been a trip on our radar since 2000. Job still challenging so after working long hours for 12 of 13 days great to have Sharon visit. Admittedly the one day off was recovery from being out with a long time friend from Bechtel at best cover band ever.

In multiple attempts at planning this trip we always tried the mythical Algaeve-Morocco combo. Seems like a good idea but never works. Alexandra tried it as well which reintroduced to the idea for this trip.

From London, very similar to going to Florida for the winter from DC. Offseason, warmer than home but not hot at about 65 with combination of sun and light rain. No crowds and mostly old English people. We stayed in Lagos and our AirBnb host was great and we planned a long day of hiking coast and boat trip to see sea caves that were only accessible from ocean. So day one went as planned with 9 miles hiking within Lagos. Day two – seas too rough or only two people signed up for an 7 person boat (i think latter) but did another 6 miles and was pleasantly surprised. Very economical, especially when you go with local Portuguese wine. Lots of pictures attached.


From roof of our AirBNB
Lagos town
Better scenary than San Diego at 1/5 the price
Got lucky on this picture
Had a fingerprint in my camera for most of the day – lost a lot of good pictures.
Transition of cliffs – from soft sand/limestome to granite
Pretty good for $12/bottle at a restaurant
In Lagos – some run down old and abandon condos with world class views


In an area near Bengail – on our walk when boat could not make it
The arches are the front of the most famous sea cave in Europe – need a boat to see inside. There is hole in top but we couldn’t see much – near Bengali

Sargres (point between Med and Atlantic Oceans)

Fort in Sargres
The Atlantic Ocean side of Sargres

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