Week 157 – White Cliffs of Dover

Sharon was over for the US holiday weekend, our original plan was to go to see a friend in Madrid but work plans changed so ended up meeting late Friday night at Heathrow as we both landed about the same time. Worked out great as we literally had no plans but ended up quite busy.

On Saturday, we stumbled across an exhibit of music & revolution from the 1960s. Basically followed the words of Revolution through a series of exhibits of music/cultural history – it was very well done. We ended the day going to a play written by a new acquaintance – performed in a community theatre in the 4th of a pub in Clapham Junction – only 5 short miles from the West end. It was fun and interesting to see people starting at the “love” stage of their career – they aren’t getting rich (yet!).

The Bedford Pub caters to EVERYONE – sports, plays, exercise, dancing on multiple floors.

White Cliffs of Dover and Dover Castle

We were heading over to Dover to try and get a hike in on the coast and the weather was awful – then the miracle of Facebook. Got a IM from a friend from when we lived in London asking if Sharon was in town – but they were east of London and it probably would be too hard to connect with us west of London. But since we were driving southeast – we knew we closer. Ended up being about 10 minutes away. Great catching up with them – hard to believe almost 15 years since we left. Stayed over in Dover and got better weather the next day for a muddy hike. Although cliffs higher in Dover, because the coastline around the “seven sisters” is curved it is much more scenic.

Having some language issues – a co-worker was bragging his kid after getting his Masters’ degree got his dream job at the 7-11 with a path to working on staff. Hey everyone has dreams. Later it was clarified that a 7-11 is also a school that teaches 7 to 11 year old kids.”

Had a visitor to the site who had a video of the white cliffs – posted below

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