Week 184 – Leaving England

A little late on posting, but left UK at end of July and back in the USA as I have completed my assignment. A much different experience than when we moved to London in 1999 – this was more like an extended visit whereas before we were all in when we took babies and 26 checked pieces of luggage. Hopefully it won’t be another 15 years before I get another assignment in the UK. Most of my time was working but my primary off day activity was biking (prior to injuring my leg) on the Thames and I covered pretty much from Westminster to the M25 on several rides – highly recommended and there might be pubs located every couple of hundred yards. A lot of pictures attached, including a trip to Isle of Wight.

Another recommendation is the Half Moon Putney – famous local music place and we saw several shows there – when Annelise couldn’t find a better social option she would come too.

Not sure what is next yet and even though Sharon would like me to hang out and focus on watching sports and arranging social events, unfortunately math doesn’t work for retirement so I’ll be transitioning to something else in the short term.”

Putney playground – the girls favorite place to go – 2 blocks from Half Moon. Looloos still there…beer and ice cream.
Fake Mick and Fake Liam
Half Moon Putney – painting of people who had performed there

Rides along the Thames

Pubs near Hammersmith Bridge

Local Astin Martin dealership in Shepperton
Most expensive grazing field in the world – near Richmond
Richmond waterfront – gondolas
Redevelopment in Chelsea
Hampton Court Palace from the river
Wandsworth park riding towards city
Old power plant being redeveloped as condos
Footbridge on Thames in Teddington
View downstream towards Shepperton
Near Kingston
Typical UK beer festival – with bouncy castles for the kids
15 miles into a 40 mile ride, came across a beer festival – somehow got distracted
Random cathederal in Teddington
Just in case troops come through
View of Shard from Richmond park

Isle of Wight

Trip to the beach at Isle of Wight
I was really hoping to see Kate Winslet at her dads pub

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