Week 95 – London

This trip was planned awhile back – Both luck and planning were needed. I was looking for tickets to see U2 as my birthday present to myself when they announced their tour and when I found they were in London near my birthday I decided to go. But the shows were already sold out and the prices on Stubhub were outrageous, but as I was rationalizing the purchase – I received an email from Ticketmaster that another show was added and I joined the fan club to get a pre-sale code. About 12 hours later I had two floor seats for less than 10% of the price that I had seen on Stubhub and frequent flyer tickets booked for both of us. Here was the luck – the stage was shaped like a “T” and they spent about half the show at bottom end of the “T” where we were standing. We were literally 10 feet away for many songs. And the 50 year old mosh pit is very friendly, plenty of space and no crowding.


Now the other piece of luck –not all luck is good, shortly after Sharon and I synced up on timezones and naps, I came down with a stomach bug. We had a nice afternoon and dinner in Richmond during the Rugby World Cup final with a great atmosphere, sunny, and warmest Halloween in UK recorded history. Then I was down with fever and other symptoms for 48 hours. I imagine that the only thing worse than being sick in a one bedroom B&B is being stuck with someone who is sick. So poor Sharon waited for me to decide I was too sick to leave or we would go somewhere and leave early. When it came time to leave for the concert, I just couldn’t mobilize and Sharon said it was OK but did give me the “man up” look. So off we went and I am glad that I did. In hindsight being so close and with a fever, it seems a little surreal now.

In Richmond, about 2 miles from Twickenham where the final was played.
Richmond resturants and bars were packed – a lot of Aussies and Kiwi’s. Weather specatular. I had forgot how nice Richmond was.
OK – between this and bacon causes cancer, what is left. before I saw this (and before I was sick) I had a double-bacon bagette and a diet coke.
I am wearing my uglier, larger, and cheaper shirt from Indonesia. Sharon wore her matching sweater. We were at one of the best Thai resturants in the world and I had water.

Was sick trip home and a couple more days in Seoul – got on Cipro and everything getting alright again. But – I will be at my lowest weight in about 10 years on my actual birthday.

Went to Barnes before we each headed out so Sharon could revisit a special place in our lives.

Even though the U2 concert in London seems like a great present, Sharon topped as she went old-school and made me a scrapbook of all our family memories through the years. It was very nice.

One more piece of luck during the trip – but can’t disclose for a bit. Not a lot of pictures beyond the concert – didn’t do much.”

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