Week 94 – NYC, Seoul, Tokyo, Seoul (again), London

Busy travel week between various negotiations and meeting Sharon for a long planned trip to London – this only came up over the prior week. Going to four of the great cities of the world in a week provides quite a contrast, three cities were similar with nice people and modern facilities but one city was more of a challenge. More malfeasance was attempted against me and suggested to me in 12 hours in NYC than the prior 2 years combined everywhere else. Maybe it was some reverse culture shock.

In Tokyo, we met a customer as a social call. Japanese trading houses deal in many different industries and at one time they had tried art collecting/trading in the 1990’s but ended up “stuck” with paintings and exited the business. In their conference room, they had original art from Manet and Turner. After I was looking and asked about those pictures, the gentlemen took me to another conference room where this picture was displayed – this is a picture of the postcard as photos were not allowed. It is a Botticelli from the 1500’s. Not something you see in an office everyday….my guess is that investment paid off.

Between meetings went to the Sensouji temple area. Very crowded and like a holiday. But we couldn’t figure out why no Buddha even though we confirmed in was a Buddhist temple.
Moat in the Imperial Gardens
Perfect weather day in Tokyo – this view is from Imperial Gardens back to the offices…three of my customers are in those buildings.
First time for this meal – Shabu-Shabu. Instead of cooking beef on a BBQ at the table, they boil thin strips of beef in water and eat it directly and over time and you mix it vegetables in the broth and at the end they add noodles and becomes a really good soup to finish the meal. The cook mixes in salt, pepper, scoops out extra fat, and cooks the meat the right amount of time for you. Very good.
The menu of the chicken body parts to order – we just started at the top and worked our way down. Did about 15 skewers.
Next night went to a local place with a Japanese friend, 40 different kinds of chicken to choose from to put on a skewer and BBQ. I assumed it was different favors…it was 40 different body parts of the chicken. Tried all but one – all pretty good, including the tail and heart. But the unlaid eggs)red spheres) still attached to the “lady parts” were left for someone else to eat.
Except for Sharon, these were the nicest people in NYC, the Korean tourist display at Times Square.
Had a 6am flight out of Tokyo – got lucky and plane banked right as we got to Mt. Fuji and I got some good pictures. This was using the “sunset” setting.

Had a potentially sad translation issue last week – it was announced in the Monday management meeting that the son of one of our employees had drowned in a diving accident the prior weekend. At lunch all the Expats were very sad and we ran into a close friend of the father and we asked what we should do – he said nothing, son got out of the hospital today and would be back at school Tuesday. We were in shock – to “drown” means to take on water. To die from drowning is known as “drowned to death”. Although it was serious enough to put the kid in the hospital, it was a very happy ending.

Back in Seoul – a Subway opened in my building. Will be life changing.

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