Week 93 – Hiking at Seoraksan

“Fall is by far the best season in Korea – mainly because the other 3 aren’t that great. Clear skies and crisp temperatures pretty much every day. Continued regular work schedule so was able to get on two hikes, one local and one at Seoraksan National Park (the Korean equivalent of Yosemite). Although the primary attraction is hiking up Mt. Seoraksan, that is a 12 hour round trip and I was part of a group that just “did the valley”…it was spectacular and a pretty easy hike. Problem is that about a hundred thousand other people have the same idea and it is crowded but everyone is very courteous and offer to share food and drink (drinking a low-alcohol rice drink all day is part of the ritual – I skipped it this day). About a 5 hour bus ride back for 150 miles because of traffic. Lots of pictures attached.

Had an unexpected trip back through the U.S. over the weekend so was able to meet up with Sharon and have a nice dinner in NYC.”

From Week 93 – Hiking at Seoraksan. Posted by JC Travels on 10/24/2015 (23 items)

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