Week 109 – 110 – Around the U.K.

“Started with my new company a couple of weeks back, spending 2 weeks in the U.K. visiting their offices and jobsites. Ended up spending a lot of time on the train for three offices and one jobsite and didn’t see much. Luckily one office was near Manchester so I was there for a weekend – got over to Liverpool for Saturday night at the Cavern Club (where Beatles started) which was awesome – $4 to get in to watch various bands playing 1960’s music, $6 beers, then $20 to go further into the Cavern Lounge where a Beatles tribute band was playing. First the mop top look, then the psychedelic songs.

On Sunday, I had planned to do the Oasis “Experience Tour” back in Manchester – but it only ran every other week. Then I went to the Old Tratford for the Manchester United Museum and Stadium experience – but it was closed but the time I got there at 4pm. Then to Chinatown for the worst Chinese food ever – so I have to rate Liverpool way better to visit.

Although I stayed in Bath 4 nights – only made it out once for dinner and a walk in the morning before a train ride. To clairify, I happenned to walk by the Jane Austen center…but did post that I was upset that I missed tea and the walking tour – that was sarcasm.

Was nice to be a place where I felt somewhat at home and they almost spoke my language. Pictures attached.

Back in the USA now – heading to Harrisburg, PA, Summit, NJ, and Albany NJ next week – very exciting. Won’t be back in UK/Europe for about a month.

On a technology note – I was given choice of any phone. Stuck with Samsung and Android pictures from S6 better than my new camera.”

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