Week 108 – Bali

“Had never been or planned to go to Bali before – the idea was to end the trip with Sharon at tropical place. We also considered Thailand and Philippines, but had a lot of positive feedback from people who had been to Bali – mostly diving, surfing, and other watersports and I was looking forward to that. But with my arm, only Sharon was able to do anything in the water. The scenery is nice, but it doesn’t compare to Hawaii or even some parts of California or Florida, but Bali is more than just the beaches with other historical sites and things to experience. We also were on the southern portion of the island and did not see the volcanoes and north shore. If coming from USA really need at least 10 days total experience entire trip.

We had a great hotel on Legian beach – an Indonesia run establishment which was fraction of what the western hotels on remote parts of the island cost and in a better overall location. Only problem is there are 5 roads connecting the hotel area – 3 of them were one way coming out and 1 blocked off 100 meters from hotel, so finding the one route that actually when into the hotel was a bit challenging when considering driving on left-hand side with stick-shift. But after we figured out the situation, not a problem.

This was a short trip and we only saw the southern side of the island – we spilt our time between relaxing on the beach, some touring, and Sharon did get to go water walking. Lots of pictures attached.

In the book “Eat, Pray, Love”, Love was in Bali, since this was our theoretical second honeymoon, it works for us too. But the first two parts of the trip for me would have to be “Crash, Climb” as climbing ruins in Angkor Wat most memorable portion of the post-crash trip before Bali. So –it is “Crash, Climb, Love”. Look for the movie.

This is last update from Asia for awhile. I will keep updating for my new job in Europe, but it has changed a bit and travel will be less than I originally thought – more trips to Albany and Trenton than Stuttgart and Rome. So less updates in future.”

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