Week 150 – 153 – Settling In

I have gone from an “adviser” to a full time role – the best way to quantify the change is my daily step count was 8,500 steps/day – and after 19 days straight working my step count was 2,500 steps/day. Ironically my energy level higher – so work stress can be good. Had some personal stress as Alex had an operation 6,000 miles away – not good stress but happy everything went as planned.

Adjusting to me new team – and they are adjusting to me – my “inspirational” kickoff speech led to 4 people quitting. Happy to be home for 2 weeks over Christmas break – but looking to spend at least the first half of 2017 in the UK. Will probably get an AirBNB for a couple of months in Richmond.

Had a ½ day off and did some walking in Richmond on a very nice day….outside of that afternoon it has been all work. I do walk by holiday parties – the hotel runs a “Roaring 20’s Christmas Party” – it is from Wed-Saturday and it is like Groundhog Day. I was going to crash on a Saturday night – but after the OSU debacle wasn’t in a party crashing mood. Pictures below.

Settling In

The Speakeasy for the nightly Roaring 20’s Christmas Party – there were usually parties two a night.
“Drinking Chocolate” sounds so more elegant
My once a week grocery run – a couple of beers and some healthy snacks
Fog on an English morning
Like Korea, still “Merry Christmas”
The “living room” at our local pub….Thai food in back and music on weekends
He is still famous – this was on the hotel lounge TV
This is my new project – an indoor waste disposal facility (a dump) that generates electricity in multiple ways.
Best sandwich ever – with gravy and stuffing
If you haven’t tried – Mulled Wine is a must

Views around Richmond

One of 11 “views” of London St. Paul cathedral – it is 10 miles from this spot and nothing can be built
I think (based on Uber driver recommendations) this is Mick Jagger & Jerry Hall townhouses. Supposedly connected for the kids to go back and forth. Top of Richmond Hill
Richmond Park
View of a castle from Richmond Hill
Huge deer in Richmond park
A picture of a painting of the view from Richmond Hill….in front of Mick’s house
Platform 9 3/4 (not in Richmond)

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