Week 150 – 153 – Settling In

“I have gone from an “advisor” to a full time role – the best way to quantify the change is my daily step count was 8,500 steps/day – and after 19 days straight working my step count was 2,500 steps/day. Ironically my energy level higher – so work stress can be good. Had some personal stress as Alex had an operation 6,000 miles away – not good stress but happy everything went as planned.

Adjusting to me new team – and they are adjusting to me – my “inspirational” kickoff speech led to 4 people quitting. Happy to be home for 2 weeks over Christmas break – but looking to spend at least the first half of 2017 in the UK. Will probably get an AirBNB for a couple of months in Richmond.

Had a ½ day off and did some walking in Richmond on a very nice day….outside of that afternoon it has been all work. I do walk by holiday parties – the hotel runs a “Roaring 20’s Christmas Party” – it is from Wed-Saturday and it is like Groundhog Day. I was going to crash on a Saturday night – but after the OSU debacle wasn’t in a party crashing mood. Pictures attached.”

From Week 150 – 153 – Settling In. Posted by JC Travels on 12/17/2016 (20 items)

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