Week 146-148 Hike on the Jurassic Coast

Seaford Head

Back for a week to the USA and to LA for the last parents weekend with Sharon for Alexandra at college – pretty cool to go to Wembley and the Rose Bowl within a couple of weeks and always great to see her.

The time in Shepperton was pretty much devoted to work the entire time – really only out one night and a day for some hiking near the coast. A work colleague and I took the recommendation of an Uber driver to check out a historic pub near the jobsite – it went back to the 12th century and the building was from the 16th century. Almost everyone was really friendly – when locals asked where I was from, I said USA and my colleague said Dublin. And one guy made a big point about how much he liked Americans. A couple minutes later – he loudly ordered an Irish coffee and said “hold the Irish”. So apparently this guy thought it was 1975 – his friends were horrified and diverted the discussion but he kept at it. My friend was more shocked than upset and didn’t want an altercation – by the time we decided time to leave anyway and his friends followed us out profusely apologizing but helpful in identifying our next destination – another old pub which had great Thai food. But an interesting place – was used as a gatehouse outside the walls of Windsor Castle – about 15 miles away.

My new Irish mate – note the built up moss on the roof.
The pub from the 16th century
I am taller than a 16th guy I guess

Although I had planned to work on Sunday, it was bright blue sky and high of 65 forecast so I planned a similar roadtrip to what I did with Sharon and the girls about 15 years ago. Down to Brighton (but I didn’t start in Soho) and then eastward along the southern coast to the chalk cliffs of Seaford and Seven Sisters – this time I knew that Brighton Beach was not really a beach and skipped that stop and went straight into Seaford and hiked a couple of miles along the coast. These are about 75 miles west of the more famous white cliffs of Dover.

Closer view of Seaford
The Seven Sisters- the grass grows like a golf course
Seaford beach – just like Brighton – no sand just stones. Hence the reason for disappointment on my orignal road trip
Other side of the Seven Sisters

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