Week 180 – The English Rivera

The story of this week starts with the end of my last trip back to the USA – after a great time in LA for Alex graduation I got ”stuck” back in Maryland waiting for my work visa. Happy to be stuck for a few extra days and actually scheduled time out with old friends to hike near Camp David – but about one mile into the hike and just walking – I tore my achilles. Not a complete tear so got patched up with a plaster cast locally and came back to the UK as planned the next day. But slowed my down quite a bit at first – but once I got a walker and a aircast I was good as gold. The UK health care was great o the follow-up – much better and cheaper than the US experience. At some point I will have to develop the US/UK/Korea/Mexico/Thailand “Matrix” of health care. Preview – USA is least efficient and most expensive. But before you get too excited, I used the private system in those countries, not the public. So now I get walkers instead of renting mountain bikes and visit the Julie Andrews unit.

Had some work stuff come up which put our schedule a little is disarray so thought – Wimbledon for a ½ day. Figured no hope at any actual matches but £25 for a grounds pass sounded good. Drove all the way there – parked right next to the center court. There is a line to “The Queue” – I knew the Queue was a proper noun/place and not just a line. But “The Queue” had an estimated 7,000 people in line and was about a mile from center court. Bad planning. So it was lunch in the village of Wimbledon.”

As close as we got to Wimbledon

Torquay and Devon

Sharon came over for the July 4th holiday (not that big of deal in England surprisingly) and Annelise is here for school so we had a good weekend visiting South Devon. I had been before but the weather was spectacular – like San Diego spectacular.

Berry head
Berry head
Dartmonth Castle
Coast of South Devon
Torquay – from the cliff
At the mouth of the River Dart – Dartmouth

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