Week 181 – U2 at Twickenham

About six months ago I was looking at my email and I had an “pre-sale” announcement from the U2 fan club – summer tour and coming to a stadium about a mile from where I was staying. And Noel Gallagher was opening – so 2 of my 3 favorite bands in one spot. So bought 4 tix immediately (unsure if I would even be around) and put the word out to friends who may be interested – ended up with people flying in from India and Spain plus a local. Lucky to have Annelise join as number 5 when we figured out that was her transition weekend at school (and needed a place to stay). So then secured AirBNB for the weekend in Richmond (basically walking distance) and the planned logistics couldn’t be easier. But throw in two AirBNB screw-ups, busy weekend in London (Wimbledon, Pride festival, larger concert at Hyde Park), three guys that can’t walk and the shuttle buses relocated from in front of our pub/meet up spot to a ½ mile away, getting to the stadium tougher than planned. But while walking (very slowly) a driver from a disabled access van offered us a ride. Initially we said no – but there were 3 empty vans waiting so he said he would be back and it wouldn’t be a problem. 

As for the concert, no long review here – 
• Noel sang acoustic versions of about 3 Oasis songs – looked like it wasn’t his life’s dream to open for U2
• U2 – best concert I have ever been too, then;
• Noel came back out for encore and they sang “Don’t Look Back in Anger” together along with 80,000 others and was the loudest singalong of the night. Hard to show up U2 but it happened. 
• Targeting to go again when I get back to USA – say Sept 12 Kansas City – Who’s in?

After a quick return to Richmond, had one of my memorable encounters with homeless people over the past couple of weeks – guy asked for some change….as I looked for some cash he noticed I was American and then he upgraded to “$100”. We gave him £10 and he was genuinely disappointed.
Photo creds to James Thorn

Don’t look back in anger with Noel and U2
Massive stage
Strategery was used in picking a place to sit – could have been closer but we chose to sit by a fence to lean on
Low key Noel

The next day, after I change AirBNB I was getting out of my car – the best parking I had ever got in Richmond – even so left 75% of my stuff in the trunk. I had left my left shoe in the car (for the foot in the boot) and when I unlocked the car and opened the trunk, a homeless guy came up and I gave him a couple of bucks. But I forgot to re-lock the trunk of course the next morning they were gone (highly doubt it was the homeless guy). Luckily medicine, electronics, and my orange shirt were in the AirBNB. Had to make a trip to Tesco Plus to reload on basic clothes. 

On the flip side, I was waiting for some friends for dinner along the street, perhaps looking a little rough and sitting in my walker with my leg boot and this attractive, well-dressed couple asked if I needed anything. I said I was fine and they asked if I knew how to access services. So may need to upscale a bit.


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