Week 27 – San Miguel Mexico

Arrived back in Seoul after my two week trip that turned into 2 months….but got more time home than planned so it was worth it. Best of all, when I got back to the airport I was able to find my car and it started….trying to call “AAA” in Korea would have been a challenge.

On this trip to Mexico, I stayed in a different group of condos – in a town called San Miguel. Another great town in central Mexico. I would say a hidden gem except 50% of the people in the old town were American – so only hidden to me. Pictures below. I stayed with the senior project team this time, better set up and a lot nicer place to stay. They were great hosts and set up a pool for watching world cup final – they provided the seaweed snacks and I brought Doritos. They were shocked to find that I knew more about Mexican food than they did – they thought since I didn’t know much about Korean food, I wouldn’t know about Mexican…

Views of our “camp”

Did a walk around the town on Sunday – 

Sierra Nevada – sounds like a good place for an RA gathering
Didn’t know I had relatives this far south
La Parroquia de San Miguel Arcángel is the cathedral in the cover photo and where this wedding was held.  The town gained it wealth from silver in the 1800’s and has a very nice historic area


On the way back to Seoul, had a flight delay so had to spend the night in Narita Japan (outside Tokyo) and when to the Naritasan Shinshoji temple complex – since it was 1am local time I couldn’t get any pictures but if you have more than a 3 hr layover in Narita, you can make it into town and back to the airport. It is worth a side trip.

When I got back to Seoul, finally able to move into my permanent apartment. Same part of town and after six months of temporary living, it was nice to get unpacked. Food options here much better, in the building is a sushi place, Italian, nice buffet in the basement, and Outback 50 feet down the street. I like the apartment, except the residual Kimchi smell in the refrigerator and I will be looking for some baking soda today. Next week, I will have some help decorating as Sharon and the girls are coming for 3 weeks.



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