Week 28 Bangkok

Sharon, Alexandra, and Annelise arrived after scoring an upgrade on the way over from DC. It was Alexandra’s first visit to Korea and we got her immediately acclimated with cheap Korean BBQ. The three girls took a trip to the DMZ (the real tour – I did the DMZ light tour) and actually went into North Korea – where they looked at North Korean’s on a tour looking south – we met up at the end of the day for more Korean BBQ. They brought some stuff from home and I had my shipment delivered so I also was able to get 100% moved in and immediately left Seoul to Bangkok for our family vacation. It was our first Junta as a family (actually – everything was calm and no signs of martial law).

The new government is focused on “making Thailand smile again” and sponsored a festival.

We had 2 full days in Bangkok – we focused on visiting the historical sites and touring on the river.  A “Wat” is a Buddhist temple – there are many of them throughout the city –we visited 4, including Wat Phrakaew at the Grand Palace. This Wat was comparable to any European palace or cathedral we had seen…and somehow it is tied in with the Royal family so every time someone dies, a new section is built. We also had several tuk tuk rides – it was on Annelise’s bucket list – and one led us right to a tailor and we did relent and Sharon and I both got clothes. One lesson learned is that they don’t take credit cards in 90% of the places – we didn’t have a lot of cash and Sharon and I both lost our ATM cards, so that created a bit of a challenge – fortunately we found another American couple to “loan” us $2 as we were short to buy the admission tickets to a Wat. Hopefully we will get this figured out…

Boat ride along Chao Phraya river and the side canals – runs right through heart of City

The Grand Palace and Wat Phrakaew

Some other sites around Bangkok

First ride in the tuk-tuk
Our tuk-tuk
View from hotel rooftop
After dinner, hanging out on the river patio, there was an explosion across the river and Annelise yelled “coup” – but it was just an unexpected fireworks right above us
Got to pick a side – local beer sponsors Man U and Chelesa
Wat Pho – the towers are pagodas

Night Cruise

Pink elephant monument
Half way up Wat Arun pagoda

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