Week 4-6 First Trip to Mexico and some time in California

My goal is to remain positive and upbeat – but this approach may have left some people with the impression that I don’t have all of chores and drudgery of everyday life that we all hate – not true for me either, I am just not sharing it. So now that we have that straight, I spent the last three weeks at home (wrapping up chores and other stuff) and in Mexico so not a lot to update. Mexico, at least where I am going, has security issues so I just work and go to the hotel but I did have one free night in Mexico City as I landed about 8pm and wasn’t leaving until the next morning. The airport is near the central part of town and my original plan was to grab a taxi into town and explore and find an interesting place in a historic plaza for a dinner. However, I was hungry and was lured into a steakhouse at the airport and then was tired so I took an airport train to a place called the “Courtyard by Marriott” and was done for the evening. One highlight while I was home was attending a kickoff event for our neighborhood 25th anniversary and got to see a lot of friends – most who remarked that they see me more now that I live in Seoul than when I lived in Kentlands. A couple of pictures attached from Mexico…next time through Mexico City I will get out. I needed to see some sun, so I routed through LA to see Alexandra and some gratuitous pictures are attached for my east coast friends and now I am heading to Tokyo for a couple of days.
자렛캔트렐 (my name in Korean).

The Spam cover photo  – about $60 USD for this SPAM holiday gift set – SPAM is very popular for gifts as it is sentimental to the only meat that people got in the 1950’s and 1960’s.


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