Week 3 Settling In

“Week Three Update – Most of this week was travelling in Mexico and back through DC and it was good to get home for a bit. I have another week on the east coast as I have some stuff to wrap up here so probably won’t have an update next week. Mexico was a bit of a bummer, Sunday afternoon, 75 degrees and we were one mile from the ocean, but because of security precautions travel was limited to visiting a jobsite, to/from airport, and hotel. So my update this week relates to the everyday stuff I encountered so far. Seoul is a world-class city, the only comparison I can really make is to NYC. About the same size, a lot of people in a limited area but with more modern infrastructure (subways/roads/airports) than NYC. With regard to the Korean people, I shouldn’t stereotype but generally friendly, smart, and very pro-US with a strong desire to speak English. Lastly, my new company (Samsung) handles a lot of the details of setting up accommodations/utilities and provides translation services, through with my command of languages I won’t need this for long . Within 10 minutes of my apartment is all of the practical stuff I need, a 6 story Emart (like Target) and at least 50 restaurants. The company is very paternal and combined with technology, either pretty cool or pretty invasive. Two examples the company cafeteria and fitness center. The cafeteria has at least 10 different food options, you walk up to a kiosk and look at all the menus and order on the kiosk and pay with your badge, then a ticket is printed out to take to the food stations. The meals are subsidized, the more you make the less the subsidy. Open for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Fitness center is first class – a little different than you would see in the US. All you need are shoes, everything else is provided and to maintain your membership you have to meet minimum workout requirements…how you ask? You swipe your badge and it logs your time and you must meet your commitment or you are suspended.

Travel geek notes – Airbus A380 is pretty nice and Mexico City T2 terminal is good for a long layover.”

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