Week 240 – Cape Point

Getting to Cape Point a little confusing – first there is end the peninsula south of Cape Town that has the mountains running along the ocean (which Table Mountain in Cape Town is the first in the series), second there is the place “where the oceans meet” at Cape of Good Hope, third – it is where the penguins are, fourth – it is the southern most part of Africa. Unfortunately, some of these are in different places. The map shows the approximate route we took to Cape of Good Hope – the most southwestern point of Africa which is next to Cape Point (1/2 mile apart). Penguins about an hour away and “where the oceans” officially meet at the southern most part of Africa 2 hours away. But our guide said that the warm Indian Ocean currents come to Cape Point, so this was the unofficial meeting place.


We had a good group with about 15 people and included a boat ride, a short bike ride, a hike, and seeing the penguins. It was better than the mass tour which didn’t have the hike which was along the cliffs overlooking the Atlantic Ocean on one side and Indian Ocean on the other side – we’ll according to our guide.

First Stop – Duilker (Seal) Island

Second Stop – Hout Bay & Kommetjie Beach

Third Spot – Bike ride to Cape Point

Fourth Stop – Cape Point and walk to Cape of Good Hope

Fifth Stop – Cape of Good Hope

Last stop – Penguins!


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