Week 1 – Moving to Seoul

As many of you know, I recently changed jobs and relocated to Seoul, South Korea. Sharon and Annelise may follow in the summer before the new school year. Someone suggested a blog, but that is above my skill set so instead of a blog, I am going to post an update about once a week. So, you may find it of interest but if not, when you see a long post from me you’ll know to skip it. Once reason for doing this is that when I told people I was taking this assignment, they looked at it as a hardship but it is an opportunity and I want people to see that experiences outside your comfort zone are good. I am sure that between the language and the culture, I will get frustrated and just speak louder in English (my normal approach) but it will be manageable.

Very rough start, as Sharon and I pulled into the airport parking lot, she received a call that her father had passed away after a long illness. We had already planned for this contingency, push ahead. This logical approach was based on the perspective of a project manager and banking executive…but in hindsight I may have done it differently. Sharon handled the situation exceptionally well and her dad would have been very proud of her…and I am too. Alexandra and Annelise really stepped up as well and I am proud of them too. As for work, my position was changed to address a current need which has pros and cons. But a big plus is that I’ll get home more frequently than planned. So far, the logistics of the transition have gone great – including installation of Slingbox so I am watching Manning-Brady in real time, as well as see the Cowboys get hosed at KU. My next update hopefully will be a little more upbeat and have more pictures than words….


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