Weeks 78-80 – Home and Ansan Valley Rock Festival

Had two great weeks at home then quick diversion to Florida before heading back to Seoul. I had bought tickets awhile back for a three day rock festival but the timing ended up being pretty tight as I arrived back the night before. I recognized only a few bands, but pretty much went to see High Flying Birds (Oasis without Liam). Co-workers helped get the last minute logistics and we had a good plan – I would arrive Thursday night (after 23 hr trip), work most of the day Friday, meet up at a subway stop and all of us take a shuttle bus to the site – total 2 hour planned trip and there way in advance of the show and home by 2am via shuttle bus and taxi.

Of course, the plan immediately started to fall apart as I had to work all day, we found out only I could pick up tickets, shuttle bus was cancelled, and the monsoon arrived. But I gave the other guy my ID and credit card and he trekked out early and the “all white people look alike” worked in our favor (even though he is bald) and somehow we all met up in the mud with time to spare. One guy drove and took about 3.5 hours and that worked out good when we could ride home with him. Multiple stages and about 50,000 people – first “band” I saw was DeadMau5 (not a misspelling). I don’t get it – guess I am old – electronic dance music (EDM).

Flying Birds were great as lead act for the first night – like the other events I have been too in Korea – very civilized (much more than the U.S. would be for the same size crowd). No restrictions on alcohol – and security appeared to be limited to teenagers checking wrist bands to get in the venue. No issues I saw with fights or any disruptions. No drugs – the smell was spicy fried chicken from food tents. We skipped Saturday and came back for Motorhead (friend wanted to see them) and Foo Fighters. Lots of mud!

Some co-workers at start of Foo Fighters – I was on a lot of coffee at this point
Saw a lot of roller bags in the mud
Coming back for Foo Fighters on Sunday – this was grass Friday
The tents for people staying all weekend – you could rent them and they were lined up in perfect rows.
End of first night – we were not that muddy
Bug spray foggers free for use – saw some people legs with major bites so this was great
Dave Groel on his “throne” with his broken leg
The contrast of the only grassy area left….
40 foot jump onto a bag – I skipped that. not sure that is done in the U.S.

Gourmet dessert stands


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