Weeks 81-82 Hantan River Rafting

Originally I had a busy weekend planned, Friday night lecture with a North Korean defector, Saturday at a tomato festival, and Sunday a scenic raft trip. But had a business trip to Tokyo (at this point, similar to a trip to Chicago or Houston – just another conference room) and long days so by Friday I was pretty worn out and bailed on the lecture and tomato festival. The raft trip was typical Korean and understated – advertised as relaxing. But probably class 3 rapids after the monsoon rains with a 1 minute safety briefing and off we went. Lot of boats capsized and people just floated the entire trip through the rapids. But the canyon had sheer walls and no rocks sticking out, so we just bounced down the river and we never when over. Another difference is that there are straps on the floor of the raft you lock your feet into so you don’t fly out. The scenery was spectacular – much better than expected with about 10 waterfalls into the canyon.

Hantan River

Two boats upside down with about 20 people just floating down the river
Good roller system to pull raft out of canyon

The follow up “all you could eat BBQ” was a little disappointing and then we did an extra hike and rock climb. Pictures attached, including one from the tomato festival. Heading back to U.S. to drop Annelise off at college next week.”

The white “rope”, isn’t a rope, but a garden hose used to climb to top.
Made it to the top of the rock. We figured out early the garden hose wasn’t too secure. At the top, it was connected to a sprinkler head.
At the top

Tomato Festival

Korean 70th anniversary flag on our office

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