Weeks 76 and 77 – Busan

Just arrived back in the states and basically squeezing the traditional summer activities into a couple weeks, but with Fourth of July and summer swim team festivities it will be a good time. Our 14th and last season – lot of great memories and great families with which we shared them.


Still working Saturdays which is more annoying with great weather in Seoul – but we still decided to take a quick train ride to the far southeastern coast to the second largest city in South Korea – Busan on a Saturday afternoon. Much different that Seoul, more like Hong Kong as it is surrounded by mountains and ocean. It is also the most popular beach in Korea. We were not there during official season from 1-July to 30-August, so it was not that crowded. And to rent a jet ski a licence is required that includes an 8 hour safety course – so we did not get to ride jet skis.

Hiked upto a temple overlooking Busan – didn’t end up where we though we were going.
Busan from the mountains
Marina district on other side – buildings around 90-100 stories
Haeundae Beach – in July over 1 million people on that beach
Dog must have good balance
No tolerance for creepy photographers

Came across a serious translation issue – the Korean meaning of “decision” is the same as “recommendation”. So when you are told to make a decision, the decision is what the recommendation is, not actually deciding then action occurring. So westerners have been making decisions then wondering why action did not occur or someone else decided differently later. Think about that in your daily activities.

I also started a new exercise program – get home from work and out on my bike by 7pm – ride an hour on the river then find a neighborhood I haven’t been to and find a cheap place to eat. Then ride home using a headlight – very safe and still many people out riding. Been really good so far in exploring the city and getting some decent exercise in and avoiding a new vice – blue soju.

Modern art muesum around the old city wall. Display of illuminated flowers

Purpose grown mushroom pot – our server cut them off with scissors and added them to our stew.

On an evening bike ride – original city wall and gates

Local Darby – Sewon Vs Seoul

Outside of stadium -built for world cup in 2002.
Seoul (red) vs. Sewon Samsung (blue) – we were with blue

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