Week 12 – 13 – DMZ

Last two weeks been pretty much work, eat, sleep (OK – eat was a couple of times a day). Got out twice -once to see a long-time friend and her family that I knew from my old company and once to the DMZ. There are 2 DMZ tours -we took the DMZ lite tour as the tour that actually goes into North Korea has a long waiting list. We’ll sign up for that this summer when the girls are visiting – ironically, Alex will not be able to cross with the other 3 of us because she is US military….

905241_10201775215087381_7329399941813438857_oA lot of memorials along the DMZ – this one commemorates the separation of families…one a line was drawn and if your family was on the other side, never saw them again. There are also amusement park rides as it is a big tourist attraction.


Another area of poor communication – several tunnels from NK to SK have been discovered (and I am sure many more exist) it was interesting but it was about a 2 miles round trip walk down to and through the 5′ high tunnel with a 1/4 mile walk up a 20% grade to get out. We had old people and big people struggling.

NK liquor -note the “well known liquor” in English
That is NK in the distance. You are not allowed to take pictures where this lady is standing (I was OK) – she was asking the soldier to take a picture of her.

Big excitement this week as that I am heading to the airport to pick up Sharon and Annelise for a visit this week. I’ll be in sales mode.

I had a lot of feedback on translation stories, specially ones where I look stupid. I was at a Quiznos and hyperfocused on seeing a cheese steak and ordered a set (combo meal) and I said large size. The lady taking the order said “won” size and I said big, the lady said “won” size and I used hand gestures to indicate a big cup. She then slammed down a cup and said “one size”. My bad.


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