Weeks 58-61 – Weekend Skiing

“Been awhile since my last non-plagiarized updated in early February and I have had a change in work schedule – scheduled Saturday work and no work travel – so pretty fixed into a routine of an off day Sunday to go skiing or hiking so far in 2015. Been to 5 South Korean ski resorts – the best being comparable with the best on the east coast of the U.S. and skied more this year than in a long time. Two were within an hour of Seoul while the others were a long drive and are centered in the Pyeongchang region where the 2018 Olympics will be held.

My priority was not to fall, but after a couple of falls, it wasn’t a painful as I had feared so I started having more fun. Double black diamonds in Korea are similar to a really steep blue run in the US and I spent most my time on those trails. But as all other old guys can attest – the no pain from falling ends at some point and I had a crash where I wasn’t seriously hurt, but every muscle seem to have been effected. Warming up so skiing done for season.

I also did have a Saturday late afternoon and headed out to a local island. I was a little over optimistic on the weather – highs were forecast for high fifties but with the wind off of the ocean, it was pretty chilly. Pictures attached.

On another note, in an earlier update I said no one knew where Oklahoma was located or had heard of it – that has changed. Between jabs on “he wasn’t allowed to take honors classes” to people asking serious questions on race in the US – Oklahoma is well-known now.”

From Weeks 58-61 – Weekend Skiing. Posted by JC Travels on 3/15/2015 (18 items)

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