Weeks 58-61 – Weekend Skiing

Been awhile since my last non-plagiarized updated in early February and I have had a change in work schedule – scheduled Saturday work and no work travel – so pretty fixed into a routine of an off day Sunday to go skiing or hiking so far in 2015. Been to 5 South Korean ski resorts – the best being comparable with the best on the east coast of the U.S. and skied more this year than in a long time. Two were within an hour of Seoul while the others were a long drive and are centered in the Pyeongchang region where the 2018 Olympics will be held.


My priority was not to fall, but after a couple of falls, it wasn’t a painful as I had feared so I started having more fun. Double black diamonds in Korea are similar to a really steep blue run in the US and I spent most my time on those trails. But as all other old guys can attest – the no pain from falling ends at some point and I had a crash where I wasn’t seriously hurt, but every muscle seem to have been effected. Warming up so skiing done for season.

Action shot taken at Phoenix Park shortly before my crash. Near the 2018 Olympic sites.
Bearstown ski resort – near Seoul
The village of Alpensia – small ski resort but facilites purpose built for 2018 Olympic games. Similar to Whistler and the village is all new – this will be where the athletes stay during the games.
Top of Phoenix Park
Top on Yongpyeong – site of 2018 Olympic downhill events. The ski jump tower is in the background at Alpensia
Downhill Run for 2018 Olympics – bends around to the right.
Onsite restaurant says a squeeze cheese coney is not junk food. Must be true.
Squeeze-cheese coneys!!
This spa/hot tub was a life-saver after my fall – notice that the water contains “crude drugs”.

I also did have a Saturday late afternoon and headed out to a local island. I was a little over optimistic on the weather – highs were forecast for high fifties but with the wind off of the ocean, it was pretty chilly.

Muudiu Island

A ferry to Muudiu Island – the ferry only had one way off (rather than getting off either side). So the bus had to back on
A road connecting Islands – no room for error. note the sign.
In one of the beach towns, people hustling you to park at their resturant and be obligated to eat at their place.
View from top of Muudiu Island

A beach on Muudiu Island – this was much nicer than on the mainland but very brisk the day I was there.
Beach at low-tide, about an hour outside of Seoul. Picture is better than the real thing.
A table buzzer is common in Korea – buzz and a waiter/waitress comes over and takes your order. This once has 3 buttons, Soju, Beer, and Meat. Best invention ever.
For those who mocked my paining my BMW this color of blue a couple of years ago – I was ahead of my time. This is an M4 at the BMW driving experience. I came across this driving to the beach and will be back to try it – it is relatively affordable compared to similar places in the USA.

On another note, in an earlier update I said no one knew where Oklahoma was located or had heard of it – that has changed. Between jabs on “he wasn’t allowed to take honors classes” to people asking serious questions on race in the US – Oklahoma is well-known now.”

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