Week 56 – Oklahoma Vs. Mongolia

In a dinner a couple of weeks ago in Japan, I was explaining where Oklahoma was (generally, no one knows – so I say just above Texas) and one of the Japanese guys jumped in and said it was the “Mongolia of the U.S.”. Land-locked, harsh weather extremes, energy focused, and people like to ride horses – but people more attractive in Mongolia. I wasn’t quick enough to counter with pointing out a couple of similarities doesn’t offset an otherwise dramatic difference. But I was able to demonstrate that the people in Oklahoma were more attractive – at least demonstrate that the ladies were – no conclusion on the guys.

In a separate dinner this week, I was invited out for “local Korean people food”. I was told “fish”. When I arrived I was asked to help select the octopus from the aquarium. I picked a good one. They took it away and boiled it – then brought it to the table and chopped it up with scissors. Some pictures attached – I tried to recreate the sequence. But supposedly, there is one more level, eating it alive where it is still squirming. Maybe next time.

Not our octopus – a friend. Ours was similar.
Name of restaurant – old place with Kangnam instead of Gangham. I guess in old days they sent down guys in diving helments to get the octopus
I was told this was ramen soup – I started to scoop out and was told that the ramen wasn’t in it yet. Those are fish eggs. Ramen was added later as well as more fish intestines. Pretty good.
Cutting the legs and head. Note the shells – she then pulls the meat out
This is the final plate. Includes arms/legs and head. The lighter meat is a shellfish at the back. The suction cups still work and latch on to the inside of your cheeks.

When skiing last week and it worked out pretty good and heading out to a different place Sunday to ski.”

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